Board of Pawrectors

Golda Meir
Chief Kiss Giver

Golda is a pitbull mix who was rescued from the Humane Society. She is the daughter of our Presidents, Jessica and Mike. She is our chief kiss-giver around here because licking people's faces and showering them with love is her favorite thing to do. She also loves good walkies and bones! 
AKA: Goldie, Golda girl, Big Un

Ellie Bellington
Nap Queen & Head Princess

Ellie is an Italian Greyhound whose parents are our Presidents, Mike and Jessica. She is our Nap Queen and Head Princess. Her favorite thing to do is to take a nap in one room and then get up and find a new spot to take a nap in another room.
AKA: Belle, Bellington, Elle, Queen of the Scene

Jack Linn
Head Treat Tester

Jack came to his parents our Presidents, Mike and Jessica, after a life on the streets. He has taken quite well to indoor, pampered kitty life. His favorite things are treats, treats, and treats. 
AKA: Jackie, Jack-Linn, Jackolas, Jackle 

Moose Trejo
Stage Three Clinger

Moose is a French Bulldog and the son of board member, Tiffany Trejo. He is a clingy little guy who likes to be next to his mommy at all times. His favorite thing to do is eat treats and any food he can scavenge off the ground. 
AKA: Moosie, Mooserella, Moosifer, Moosiferous, Moose the Juice, Moo, Dogologie