Financial Info

We strive for the utmost transparency and financial accountability. Below you may find our latest tax return and financial statements as well as our tax-exempt letter, and state charitable registrations.

To request physical copies of any of the listed documents, please write us at the address below.

Best Friends Together
5003 Chesapeake West
Birmingham, AL 35242

Please include a $10 check or money order with your request to cover the cost of printing and mailing.

Best Friends Together is an Alabama-registered nonprofit corporation serving residents of Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kentucky.

All donations are 100% tax deductible (unless otherwise noted) in accordance with the US Tax Code, 501c3, Public Charity Status 170(b) (1) (A) (vi).  

Tax Returns

  • Tax Year 2022
    *Please note, we filed a 990-N in 2022 because it was our first year with very little activity. Going forward, we will file the more extensive 990-EZ to ensure a greater level of accountability and transparency.

Financial Statements

Statement of Financial Position
Statement of Activities


Quarterly financials will be posted within two weeks of the end of the period.

State Charitable Registrations

  • Alabama
  • Georgia – Pending – Coming Soon
  • Florida
  • Louisiana – No registration required
  • Tennessee
  • Arkansas – Pending – Coming Soon
  • Texas – No registration required
  • Mississippi – Pending – Coming Soon
  • Oklahoma
  • Kentucky – Pending – Coming Soon
  • South Carolina – Pending – Coming Soon
  • North Carolina – Pending – Coming Soon

IRS Determination Letter