The Rising Cost of Vet Care

US News – What Spiking US Veterinary Prices Reveal About Inflation

This is another good article from US News about the rising cost of veterinary care. According to this, prices for vet care have jumped 10% over the last year. I believe it.

It mentions a few reasons behind the rising costs.

– Labor shortage and higher labor costs. The costs of rising wages are being passed on to pet parents.

Not to mention the rising costs of supplies, lab fees, and medicines which are also passed on to pet parents.

– Vet care is mirroring human care more and more. The cost of specialists and expensive drugs can inflate costs.

– Consolidation of vet clinics by corporate owners and private equity funds. Twenty-five percent of vet clinics are owned by large chains.

I don’t pretend to be an economist or a veterinarian, but something has got to give. High-cost, super-specialized vet care is one thing for the affluent few who can afford it, but those people are few and far between. We need low-cost, affordable vet care for the average American who loves their pet but can’t afford thousands of dollars in vet bills. There has got to be another option besides going into debt, which some people can’t even qualify to do, or euthanizing your pet. It’s not right.

This is a hill I’m willing to die on. I don’t care. No living thing, person, or pet, should have to die from an otherwise treatable illness due to lack of funds. Not in this country.. not in this abundantly blessed, rich country.

The Rising Cost of Vet Care

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